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Pandemic Letter

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life".

Eckhart Tolle

Time is passing by and no one can see it. All we can feel is the now.

Everyday is like Saturday, the day most of us are off the clock, enjoying with friends and family without paying attention to the tick-tock.

The difference is that this now have been forced, we have no power over it. Some people say that time doesn’t exist, but we do need the time to divide our days and measure life. It is like we can’t live without it. But now, all we have is today.

Everyday is the same day. We are at home, repeating the yesterday and the day before that.

We are living like the mice in their cage running and running in circle. Is a sad “everyday-TODAY”, sad because of the fight we still need to win, sad for all the ones we are losing, sad for those who still not embracing a period of life we can have without time.

But what if instead of thinking and overthinking about how tomorrow will be, we all decided to enjoy the NOW?

We all take this sad moment to be grateful for our lifetime and slow down our thoughts, expectations, slow down the agony of the time passing by.

What if we take this huge negative experience and transform into a blessing opportunity to connect with ourselves, with our loved ones, with our inner self like there is no time?

We are always running, dividing our days into work, study, gym, pick up kids from school, take care of our family and have some time in front of tv before go to bed and start the same cycle for at least 5 days a week.

You know all the times you told your kid that you can’t play right now because you have work to do or you are late for something? NOW you can sit with your kid, actually look into their eyes and show your love, give YOUR time.

You know all the time that you are craving and wishing to have more free time to do something that you love instead of wasting all your day to work? Now you have it.

EVERYDAY IS NOW, but right now it is easier to see it. Enjoy it because this now won’t be forever and sooner or later we all going to be back into the madness of the tick tock.

Breath in and breath out feeling the movement of your body, be grateful that now you have time to actually pay attention in this amazing mechanism of your body that keeps you alive and we take it for granted. Breath in and breath out feeling your heart beating and be grateful.

Feel the love you have inside of you and put out into positive energy. Be grateful that you still not carrying this virus in your veins. Use the time you have without thinking in time. Now you can take your time.

We always have the power of choice, and today we can chose a new habit, a “new me”, a new way of seeing life, a new way of spending your time. Today we can take our time to be 100% present, to be creative, to love, to forgive.

You can choose to be on the same page you are right now, you can also chose not to change, not open your mind. But when the tick-tock start running again and I can step outside the door, don’t blame me for being different, don’t blame me if I will be radiating love.

Don’t blame us for choosing spending our time creating a “new me”, a “better me”. Don’t blame those who answered the wake up call and are ready to live the best of their life. Don’t blame us but keep in mind that is never too late and even with the tick-tock running and running fast again, we are together on this and we will always have time to help you to answer that call, we will always do our best to be patient and we will understand your fear. We will be there for you to hold your hands and help you go through the NEW era. If all this is too heavy for you right now and you can’t hear it, can’t understand what I am saying, it’s not a problem, we will be here when you will be ready, we will be here if you need us.

Remember, Time is a mystery and even though the clock runs with the “same” rhythm for everyone, everyone have their own time. So be gentle with yourself.

And for those who also answered the call, let’s put our positivity together and encourage everyone around us to see this bad phase for humanity with hope of a new and better world.

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